Saturday, May 7, 2011

i'm sorry :(

its been a while .. i never write a true feelings about you im my blog FAREENA. But suddenly i'm thinking about you today,i have to admit that it's very hard for me to forget all of our sweet memories when been together,share all our problems together,have a nice talk on the phone,go out for a date every time we had the chance and watching movie together. The hardest thing for me to forget when are together is the part when we always hug each other like there no one else watching us and we both will say 'I LOVE YOU' .. humph i don't even know why i'm saying all this now but the truth is i really miss you .. It's weird we have not seen each other for almost 2 years but our memory still fresh in my mind. The song above i dedicated it specially for you .. and i just want to say that i'm really sorry for letting you down,i'm sorry that i always lie to you,i'm sorry that i never be there for u when u need me,i'm sorry that i never appreciate you. Because now i realize how much you are so important to me .. It's a little to late for me now,you already have made up your mind to leave me,there nothing else i can do to get you back in my heart,but one thing for sure girl i still can't get you out of my mind,my head and my heart ..

gig gig gig ..

tgk flyers pun da tau laa gig nie confirm gempak punya kan .. hahaha .. so kepada mereka-mereka yang suka headbang,mosh n segala bagai mari lah kita sediakan askar masing untuk berperang di ONE CAFE on 18.6.2011
lama xlayan gig nie .. memang sedap laa cuti sem nie nanti .. hahaha ..

its gonna be awesome !!!

yeah ... must watch movie for this month .. finally thanks to adrina all of us can watch this movie .. midnight movie baby !! like like like .. hahaha .. cant wait to see the full pack action in this movie .. hahaha .. eventhough i will watch this movie only at kuantan but never mind .. what is important i does not need to spend my money for the tickets .. heehee ...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

homesick :(

god damn it .. i dont feel very good past few days .. i think it is because i dont have a lot of rest like i did always .. but on second thought i realise that i really-really miss my home .. i miss my mom and dad . miss my mom greatest cooking .. ouh god i just really need to get home .. but i can't i got this freaking final exam just around the corner .. really need to get my head on the final doesn't want to spoil it this time .. man miss all my homies out there .. i always wondering what all of them are doing now, what are they doing at night .. did all of them misses me like the way i miss them .. huh !! ouh please-please i just wanna go home and see all of them .. i dont even care if it is only a day .. i just need to see them and told every single one of them that i really-really miss them so fucking damn much .. please guys do   wait for me .. i'm coming home ..